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Efter at Alanyas borgmester har skiftet til AKP kan det være der kommer til at flyde flere regeringspenge til Alanya.

Nedennævnte besøg af PM Erdogan må betragtes som særdeles vigtig for Alanya og ejere af ejendomme i Alanya og omegn.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan who is on holiday at Antalya visited Alanya mayor Hasan Sipahioglu together with Antalya deputies Mehmet Ali Sahin and Abdurrahman Arıcı and Antalya Governor Alaaddin Yuksel.

Alanya Governor,Chairman of Turkey Bike Federation,Members of Alanya Council,Mayors of the surrounding municipalities and the chairmen of the chambers and associations were at the meeting.

Alanya Mayor gave information about the projects prepared for Alanya, the services of the municipality,city bikes,international sport organizations,Alanya Foundation University,tourism potential of Alanya,number of tourists in Alanya and the importance of Gazipasa Airport in terms of Alanya tourism.He also presented a dossier of projects needed to be implemented to Mr. Prime Minister.

Prime Minister dealed with Alanya’s tourism a lot and he took some information from Alanya Mayor and the chairman of Alanya Hoteliers Assocaition such as the number of visitors,tourism potential and the effect of Gazipasa Airport to the region.

After the meeting, prime minister made a short speech to the citizens behind the town hall and said that the test flights for Gazipasa Airport were done and he would come to the opening of the airport. He continued his speech by announcing their plan for a state hospital in Alanya at 2010.He declared that there were approximately 9 million tourists in Antalya region last year and they reached to the same digits this year.

Alanya Mayor Hasan Sipahioglu offered his sincere thanks to the prime minister and he gave an Alanya Graving,Alanya Cloth and presents original to Alanya as a present.Prime Minister left Alanya with the enthusiasms of citizens.