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Udenlandske skatteborgere der opholder sig mere end 183-dage årligt i Grækenland, skal fremover gemme kvitteringer for indkøb, læs med her

New tax card available from Monday

Device that electronically records transactions to help consumers count receipts As of Monday, consumers will be able to obtain from banks a special tax card that can be used to electronically record shopping transactions and keep a running total of expenses.

A key purpose of the card, according to Finance Ministry officials, is to help shoppers keep track of their purchases for their income tax returns without hoarding bags full of receipts.

The card has the appearance of a credit card but will not bear any personal details. White and emblazoned with the words “receipts card,” it will also feature a 10-digit code which links to the holder’s tax registration number (AFM).

Shoppers who want to record the value of their shopping transactions should present the card to the retailer as they pay. The retailer will swipe the card through the point of sale (POS) machine used for credit cards transactions and the information will then be passed onto the bank that has provided the machine. At the end of each month, the lender will send the information to the Finance Ministry.

According to Finance Ministry sources, taxpayers will be able to check what amounts they have passed through the cards on the Internet via the Taxisnet site.

Finance Ministry officials believe that the card will help boost state revenues, mainly from value-added tax, making it harder for business owners to conceal sales figures.

Det svarer til at ens Tax-kort i DK Sundhedskort skal køres igennem maskinen, som man får gjort på danske Apoteker, når der foretages indkøb :-) I Grækenland skal det bare gøres ved hvert indkøb.


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